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Entry #1

Dead is the New Alive

2009-01-21 13:37:29 by ApexNine

The more I reflect on the state of society (at least insofar as the internet generation is concerned), a certain realization solidifies in my mind and plants itself firmly. It makes me uncomfortable. The implications are unsettling.

Society exists, currently, in a state of fashionable apathy. Extreme emotion are frowned upon, socially ostracized, and made subject to what seem to be fairly successful attempts at phasing culture into a state of forced 'normality'.

It seems like the wide consideration of 'normality' among the majority revolves around the central concept of feigned apathy and anything existing outside of that concept is considered 'emo', 'depressed', or generally defective.

The worst part is that we all do it at times. I don't know a single person who hasn't had something negative to say about at least one manifestation of extreme emotion within either themselves or somebody else.

I don't think the answer lies in the simple answer - I don't think that desensitization as the result of an over-saturation of media can account for the full implications of this paradigm shift. Is it even a paradigm shift? Maybe apathy has always been cool and I'm just now catching on?

More later.



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2009-01-21 14:08:16

extreme emotion can also be quite dangerous, as it leads people to do things they wouldn't normally do. Although yes todays society, mostly amongst youth, frowns upon this display, it is possibly because this younger generation dosn't know how to handle it, and displays their emotions in occasionally strange ways that weird out their peers.

ApexNine responds:

I agree with each point you've made. I think that it's really silly how unable to cope most of society is these days. People bury their emotions beneath the sand and expect the wind to be kind and not blow their cover. Of course, when they do, we get a nice volcano effect.

Human behaviour is completely irrational.


2009-06-12 07:17:30

whats it about